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We are not a drug treatment facility. Our mission involves awareness and education. If you or a loved one are in need of a drug treatment facility, please do not hesitate to get help immediately. There is hope, but you can not fight your addiction on your own. One source of finding treatment is the link:


My son, Chris, passed away from heroin addiction. I want to help you so that the same thing won’t happen to you that happened to my son. My son would throw up just like you when he was in withdrawal. He was an intravenous heroin user. He kept his drug use from us because he was embarrassed. Later he thought we knew what he was doing and that we chose not to talk about it. If society would accept drug addiction as a disease then people like my son and you would go and get the proper treatment. When I saw my son using I did take him for help. He went as an outpatient and was given Suboxone. You might like Suboxone. It helps with cravings. Heroin is highly addictive so you can’t get off of it without help. It would be very helpful if you could get a sponsor and go to narcotics anonymous meetings. The sponsor can help you in your journey to get better. Believe me you can’t get off of heroin on your own. I wish I had put my son in an inpatient program – an inpatient program that would last much longer than a few days. Try to realize that heroin kills, that you need help to get off heroin (you can’t do it on your own), that it will be a difficult journey but you can stop and you can be drug free. One other thing which was very hard for my son – don’t be around people who do drugs. Make new friends like people in narcotic anonymous meetings and anyone who doesn’t do drugs. My son didn’t want to give up his friends that did drugs but these people will bring you down and you have to surround yourself with people that are good for you. Also my son kept telling us that we didn’t have to worry that heroin would kill him because he knew the exact amount to use. But he was wrong. There is no standardization with heroin so you don’t know what you are getting. It could be laced with fentanyl, it could be much purer than what you have been taking. Also his body was getting weaker and so he couldn’t handle the same amount that he used to handle. In addition when you are off heroin for awhile and decide to relapse, the same amount of heroin that you had taken in past can kill someone who has been off heroin for awhile. We want people to know that heroin addiction is a disease that needs treatment. I want people who need treatment to not be afraid to get help. I want people to treat people with addictions with respect and give them help. Heroin addiction is a treatable disease and you can get better. I hope that you are ready to stop. You must want to quit in order to be successful. Just think about the people you love that you will leave behind hurting and grieving forever if you let heroin be your boss. I pray that you will be successful in your journey to be drug free. If you need a friend, just let me know.