Get Involved

With F.A.S.A. we have a few options for you to get involved!

Become a Member:

As a member of F.A.S.A you have the ability to vote, plan, and attend events to help shape the
future of F.A.S.A. and end addiction.


Give some of your time to F.A.S.A during our events or rallies.

Tell us your story:

We love to hear from you. Write us about your experience with addiction. Feel free to give your name or be anonymous. We need to let others know they are not alone whether they are considering treatment, fighting the battle, or grieving a loss. You may write your message on the comment section of our home page.


Donate to help fund F.A.S.A.’s mission.

No donation is too small! Donate Today!

Spread the word:

Please help promote our organization by spreading the word.