Board Members

Board of Directors
The initial number of Directors of the Corporation shall be seventeen (17), which number may be increased or decreased pursuant to the bylaws of the Corporation, but shall never be less than three(3). The names of the initial Directors, who shall act until the first annual meeting or until their successors are chosen are:

Jeff Fisher, Howard County Public Schools Teacher-Aplications and Research Laboratory:The Academy of Health Professions, volunteer for Frederick Rescue Mission, formerly worked for non-profit horticulture therapy and farm center catering to individuals with disabilities and job training services.

Sarah Fisher, GNA at Lorien, Taneytown, MD, and part-time for MBA non profit solution providing employment support for people with developmental disabilities.

Sarah Kane, Teacher

Martha Peterson, Mother of Chris Peterson former Microbiologist at Hanover Hospital, Hanover, PA, worked in Development Office, Mount St Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, MD.

Raymond Peterson, Father of Chris Peterson, funeral director, Stauffer Funeral Home, Frederick, MD.

Mary Peterson, Sibling of Chris Peterson, RN, Renal transplant nurse coordinator, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

Helen Iaccarino, Sibling of Chris Peterson, Auditor, Naval Audit Service, Washington, DC

Derek Iaccarino, Brother-in-law of Chris Peterson, Security officer, Centerra group,LLC, Rockville, MD

Justin Peterson, Sibling of Chris Peterson

Christina Peterson, Sister-in-law of Chris Peterson

Mary Stringfellow, Aunt of Chris Peterson, former Chemist at Carlisle Hospital and Histologist at Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA, worked with nonprofit, Lead Forward for Dalits and did grant research.

Dotty Keith, Retired Sales Manager for Inclinator Corporation, a manufacturer of personal elevators and handicapped accessible equipment; Volunteer for Food Bank of Chattanooga, TN.

Jessica Keith, Special Advisor for the Americans with Disability, Office of the Secretary, NC Department of Health and Human Services in Raleigh, NC.

Ellen Rundle, formerly in accounting and formerly an administrative assistant at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.

Tammy Williams, LPN at Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Emmitsburg, MD, intern at Mountain Manor studying for masters in mental health counseling, previously worked as nurse with substance abuse patients for 14 years.

Mary Lynne Ziegler, LCSW-C, founded and ran the nonprofit The DeMarillac Center for 8 years, a private mental health practitioner in Westminster for over 20 years, the director of the Mental Health program for Mountain Manor’s New Horizon program, Emmitsburg, MD for past 8 years. The New Horizon program is a long term dual diagnosis program serving women and men from Carroll and surrounding counties who have been incarcerated for crimes related to their drug addiction, worked in Carroll County Public Schools coordinating the mentoring program and family/ parent outreach activities for the northwest region of the county.

Betty Williams, Someone who is passionate about our cause.

Carleah Phillips, Studied Broadcast Journalism at WVU before graduating from FCC’s Addiction Counseling Program in December 2014. Worked as a Community Health Outreach Worker for the Frederick County Health Department for 2 years and became certified as a Peer Recovery Coach. Currently employed as an Addictions Counselor at Mountain Manor Treatment Center. Has devoted her time to working towards establishing an addictions ministry within her church which will allow members the opportunity to ask for and receive revovery efforts. Dedicated to saving lives a day at a time. Has 11 years of sobriety.

Christine Franklin, Assistant Manager, worked to set up events for non-profits for 3 years.

Kelly Zimmerman, presently a caregiver, previously employed for 5 1/2 years by Philhaven Behavioral Healthcare, a non-profit, and was a volunteer for both Domestic Violence Intervention and for Children and Youth Services.

Becca Rohe, Full time Student at Stevenson University, graduating 2018, majoring in Human Services: Addictions Counselling; In Recovery for 4.5 years.

Zachary Carney, Close friend of Chris Peterson.